About RM1872

RM1872 was delivered new in March 1964 to Aldenham with a Leyland 0600 engine. It went to Edmonton first and was then transferred to Upton Park for use on Route 15 in April 1964. In July 1967 it was transferred to Hornchurch for use on Route 165, returning to Aldenham in September 1967 for overhaul. From Hornchurch it was transferred to Tottenham in September 1968, on her final overhaul she received body 1870.

In 1990 she was fitted with an Iveco engine and by 1995 was working route 159 from Brixton. She was repainted in 1997 in Red and Yellow before becoming Arriva South London and losing the yellow band. In June 2001 she was refurbished at Enfield and three months later received a new Scania engine. Her final route was the 137 and was withdrawn from service and sold to Ensign in August 2004.

RM1872 became one of the "Ensign 32" and was purchased by the South Devon Railway Trust on 5th December 2004 following which she was driven to Devon where she was restored by members of the South Devon Railway Association (London Group). More details of this and other information on the maintenance or repair can be found on the site dedicated to RM1872.

RM1872 is a standard 64 seat Routemaster with open rear platform. The interior has retained the 1990 refurbishment with longitudinal fluorescent lighting and TfL "Eyes Down" moquette though the yellow grab handles have been restored to original chrome and white "Doverite". All the seat squabs have been re-upholstered in new moquette.

The exterior has been restored to 1960's London Transport style with the removal of the plastic advertising system and the refitting of authentic front lighting including original CAV indicators - see below:

Original 1960's CAV Indicator

RM1872 dressed for a wedding

Refurbished Lower Deck

Refurbished Upper Deck (with ribbons)